The DIFF - Whats The DIFF

The DIFF - Whats The DIFF

We are extremely pleased to present to you the debut album from The DIFF! This one has been 44 years in the making. “Whats The DIFF” was recorded in 1979, but due to an inept label and even more inept management it has languished at the bottom of a trunk in an attic. Until now.

Ten killer tracks that would have been right at home on the radio between The Cars and The Knack and all of the other “The” bands of 1979. Contains shoulda-been hits “Can’t Stop Tonite”, “Tanya”, and “Give You Love”.

And just like The Cars, these gents hailed from that hot bed of late ‘70s cutting edge sounds, Boston, MASS. To be more precise they were from the town of Natick. That town’s previous claim to fame was being the home of the first baseball manufacturing plant. Which seems appropriate for these guys to be from there since this album is chock full of nothing but home runs.

Call it Power Pop, call it New Wave, call it whatever you like — soon you’ll be calling it your new favorite record.

This 180g translucent blue vinyl comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve, featuring extensive liner notes by band historian Ted Grable and photos of rare DIFF memorabilia. A download card is also included.

The album will be released digitally in 2024. So if you don’t want to be left behind, vinyl will be the only way to hear this record in 2023.



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