We Buy Vinyl!

Looking to sell your vinyl record collection? We are always looking to buy. Desired genres include ’60s-’80s Rock, ’70s and ’80s Punk/New Wave, Jazz (not big band), ’80s Alternative, ’60s and ’70s Soul/R&B, Blues and Heavy Metal. Sorry to say there’s not much demand for Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, Perry Como, “The Sound Of Music” or the like. If there was, we would probably be millionaires by now. So if you have a bunch of easy listening and soundtrack LPs from the ’50s and ’60s we recommend donating them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

But if you have stuff you think might interest us, please drop us a line at info@cheapkissrecords.com or call 847-414-9765. PLEASE DO NOT BRING RECORDS TO OUR VILLA PARK LOCATION UNANNOUNCED. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FIRST TO SET UP AN APPOINTMENT.