Record Store Day Black Friday!

People have been asking. We are answering. Yes, we will be participating in this year’s Record Store Day Black Friday event (November 28th). It will be happening at the Villa Park location (22 S. Villa Ave.). The store will be opening up at 9AM. We are trying our best to get our hands on as many RSD titles as we can. Just because we ordered something doesn’t mean we will be getting it. We won’t know until a couple of days before what we will have in. If we have time we will post the titles we will have available. Check back to our blog closer to the date.

Hope you’ll be able to join us!

One Response to “Record Store Day Black Friday!”

  1. Hoping you guys get the Umphrey’s Mcgee 7″ , The Grateful Dead live in Texas and hell I might even be interested in that WuTang picture disc! See y’all on Friday!


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