Record Store Day Drop #1 8/29

This year’s Record Store Day is different, from the way we are allowed to conduct business to the three drop dates. However you choose to engage, Cheap Kiss Records is committed to making your RSD 2020 experience a safe and bountiful one. Read on to see how drop #1 on August 29th will be handled.

This year, rather than standing in line on the sidewalk prior to us opening, we ask that you park in the appropriately numbered parking spots upon your arrival. First to arrive, please take spot number 1, second, 2, etc. Listen to your favorite music, set the heat/AC just the way you like it and sit tight. (see front door in case of rain)

Around 7:30 AM we will check in with each spot, in order to ask if they would prefer a responsible in store shopping experience, or curbside service. Whatever your comfort level, we can accommodate your needs.

At 8:00 AM we will open the doors to the first 5 spots. They will be admitted/pulled for curbside pickup. As one party exits, another will be allowed in. Limit, 1 copy of each and maximum number of RSD items in one trip is 5. After that you are welcome to jump into the next available parking spot.

We will do everything we can to make sure this message finds you, including Email, social media, in store signage, etc. This is really not too different from what we do every year, just with a socially distant parking lot twist.

As usual, we will post a list of items that we will have as soon as we get it. Additionally, we will have the remaining items from our recently acquired collections on hand for your perusal.

Feel free to call/text with any questions: 847-490-5696. Thanks for being awesome and we will see you soon.

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