Remember the time Marc Maron visited?

Last summer we had the pleasure of comedian Marc Maron paying us a visit at the warehouse. If you listen to his WTF podcast or watch his show on IFC you know he’s a big vinyl collector. He was in town last summer for a couple of gigs and had some free time one afternoon so he made the trek out to Schaumburg and did some shopping. Super nice guy. Great taste in music. ’80s Alternative, Blues, Psychedelic, Punk, Classic Rock…he pretty much likes it all.

On a recent episode of his IFC series “Maron” (which is a scripted series, but feels like a documentary because he’s pretty much playing himself) he invited a guy over to check out a new amp he bought for his stereo system. The album he tempted the guy with was Pink Floyd’s “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn”. Take a guess where he picked up that record. That’s right…Cheap Kiss Records! It was pretty cool hearing him talk about that record. We had no idea that was going to be in the episode. Caught us by surprise and brought smiles to our faces. The name of the episode is “White Truck”. Keep an eye out for it.

Keep an eye out for his TV show and an ear out for his podcast in general. Real entertaining stuff.

maron maron ckr t-shirt

Boomer lives!



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